Xperience The Difference

MarsX Upright

It’s the X factor your casino floor has been waiting for. Introducing MarsX Upright, with its modular flexibility, forward-thinking design, and multi-colored halo lighting.


  • Xperience the Innovation

    Game complimentary sync-edge, halo-lighting sets the mood of the bank, creating an involving & memorable environment for play. The Premium Virtual Button Deck offers a high definition & minimalistic way of wagering. Incorporated into the deck is the latest in wireless charging technology, allowing players to charge their phone by simply placing it onto the deck.

  • Xperience the Flexibility

    The 4:1 speaker system optimally projects sound from around the displays, providing crisp & balanced sound.

  • Xperience the Design

    The MarsX Upright utilizes (2) 27” 4k displays to involve the player in the game and provide an image quality that players expect.