A Cabinet Built Unlike Any Other

MarsX Portrait

The MarsX Portrait is designed to entertain and create a fun gaming experience. It houses the newest games Aristocrat has to offer, and its ease of serviceability and modern design helps to ensure that it always stays ‘ready to play'. With Gen 9 components, exceptional performance is to be expected. The MarsX Portrait achieves a uniquely fun entertainment experience.

Ready for a Spin



    The MarsX Portrait is both stylish and functional with an edgy design, reduced cabinet volume and a screen size that is just right. Its unique appearance makes it a sleek and modern addition to your floor with great sightlines. It also comes with super high-definition toppers, and bright vibrant themed wedges and signage for premium based products — designed to create an engaging main floor destination for players


    With a specially-designed curved high impact monitor and ultra-high definition 4k display, the MarsX Portrait screen has been optimized to provide players a more entertaining gaming experience. Wireless charging and a USB charging port option. Temperature management is crucial. The MarsX Portrait is especially designed to redirect heat quietly up through a chimney, to eliminate heat buildup


    The new 4.1 Spatial KineticSound creates a connected gameplay environment. The precisely designed LED display spectrum with 16.7 billion colors contributes to an unparalleled gaming experience

Available Games


Fu Dai Lian Lian's Panda™ is a entertaining game for a chance at prosperity and jackpots. With it's graphically exciting jackpots triggers and different bonuses, the jungle is wild.



Follow the fire in Fu Dai Lian Lian Dragon. With vivid graphics, Wheel Bonuses and the search for the green dragon, this Asian inspired game is a must play for longeviity, prosperity and jackpots.


Fu Dai Lian Lian™

Fu Dai Lian Lian is a series of games available at a casino near you. Learn to play Fu Dai Lian Lian game features and see why players enjoy this family of games. Invitation to play Fu Dai Lian Lian.


MarsX Portrait

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