Oasis Loyalty

A multi-site, one-card solution for enterprises with advanced marketing functionality even a single property can appreciate

Connect guests to every brand and rewards under your enterprise with one card. Oasis Loyalty is highly configurable making it easy to adapt to the needs of every outlet or property within the enterprise. Its advanced marketing tools, such as Campaign Management, Lounge Management, Bucket Awards, and enterprise-wide tier level management, empower Marketing teams to cater to every player type across the enterprise player's clubs. Oasis Loyalty's powerful Earning Rules Engine is behind building relevant awards across gaming and non-gaming spend that will drive repeat visits from loyal guests.

Promote Brand Loyalty
  • One card makes it easy for guests to log spend across the enterprise
  • Guests can unlock Universal Promo and other rewards at the property or across the enterprise
  • Issue Universal Promo as an Offer, Bucket Award, or as part of a Transportation Management agreement
Advanced Marketing
  • Advanced earning rules for all buckets including bucket caps and overflow earnings
  • Manage Event Blocks and Transportation groups out of one application
  • Bucket views provide different perceived value by the venue for points and comps

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