Gathering the Information you need to optimize floor performance

nCompass™ is a device inserted into Electronic Gaming Machines (EGM) on the casino floor that is monitored by the Oasis 360™ system. nCompass gathers information from the EGM and transmits the data to other devices on the Oasis 360 network through the FloorLogix™ (FL) program. nCompass is also the content delivery mechanism for the SpeedMedia™ (SMA) program and third-party electronic player-targeted media.

The nCompass display you see on the EGM monitor has gone through a total Facelift. With an enhanced player experience and better bonusing functionality, the reach and scope of the bonusing events are greater and the overall capabilities of these events increased.
nCompass restructures the display to present content one-at-a-time to the player, providing better use of the display area. Among the new functionality:
  • Bill Stuffing (Excessive Voucher Out Triggers)
  • Remote Debugging (Supported in all Linux Versions)
  • nCompass can now emulate MegaMIC (see MegaMic Emulation)
  • New Task Bar for both the Media Window and the LCD
  • New Content Window for the Media Window
  • Larger display area for Notifications, Player Tracking, Promotions and Announcements
  • Account Balances information
  • Player tracking messages

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