Visualize your data through our business intelligence tool that provides interactive dashboards and customized reporting

Traditional reporting requires dedicated resources to code SQL queries and to perform regular maintenance. nVision eliminates this need by communicating directly to Oasis through a data warehouse and by displaying reporting options through a user-friendly interface. This empowers your staff to build custom reports and dashboards using multiple metrics through drag and drop functionality. The resulting reports can be displayed through graphs, charts, and tables using various data visualization tools. These insights can help guide decision-makers by reviewing: profitability, marketing success, floor performance, machine utilization and so many other metrics tailored to meet specific goals.

Quick Analysis
  • Drag and drop desired metrics to create customized reports
  • Hundreds of "canned" reports 
  • Reports run in a fraction of the time required for Excel or Crystal Reports
Numerous Output Formats 
  • Visualization tools enhance reporting for business decision insights
  • Spot patterns and trends to predict customer behavior
  • Export in Excel, CSV, PDF, and many more

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