Oasis Performance

Ensure end-to-end Oasis performance to avoid disruptions to the customer experience

Oasis Performance Monitoring (powered by AppDynamics<sup>®</sup>) is the latest Professional Service available to Oasis 360 clients. AppDynamics helps operators understand and optimize their business performance by allowing the examination of system applications. The solution uses machine learning over time to dynamically modify metric baselines and deliver contextual insights on performance and business health. It automates variance detection, drastically reduces root-cause diagnostics, correlates performance metrics, as well as identifies the application, network, communication performance problems. Oasis Performance Monitoring will ensure a positive employee experience that will translate to memorable customer experiences throughout the business.

AppDynamics Backed by Cisco Systems 
  • Best in class
  • Dynamically baseline performance over time; active machine learning allows AppDynamics to understand the business better and identify potential issues
  • Proven to reduce time in root cause analysis
Managed by Aristocrat
  • Application performance dashboards are monitored by the National Service and Support Center
  • Proactive issue mitigation reduces impact to the customer experience and the business 
Optimal System Performance 
  • Performance data is shared with Development for future product improvements
  • Enables operators to deliver an enhanced customer entertainment experience

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