Drinks On Tap

Guests can now order drinks and pay for them right from the nCompass unit without disrupting play or waiting for a server

This fully mobile-based operator solution allows guests to easily order drinks directly at the EGM through the nCompass unit. Guests can choose to pay and tip for beverages using comps or points for maximum convenience. Properties can distinguish which drinks are available by tier to create exclusivity and added value for higher-tiered guests. Additionally, Drinks on Tap increases efficiencies by automatically directing drinks to the nearest service well, viewing when servers are available or on break, and by integrating with MICROS and InfoGenesis. F&B Managers are empowered with a Dashboard App that provides visual indicators for drink order statuses and notification alerts that they can configure. Reporting for business analytics and decision making provides new insights on your food & beverage operations that is difficult to obtain through manual processes. Features that are coming this year include drinks that follow the player’s card, the ability to stop drink ordering service, the ability to name zones, and the ability to see which breaker is breaking each server.

Automated Mobile Solution 

  • Increased customer satisfaction through faster service times
  • Improve business efficiencies
Set Drink Order Limits
  • Ensure compliance with regional regulations 
Distinguish Drink Availability by Tier
  • Promote player card enrollment
  • Prioritize order fulfillments based on tier levels
  • Enhance customer service
Customer Service
  • No more waiting for a server to place an order
  • Configurable for Non-carded players to request a server
  • Enhanced customer service

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