Increase your player’s club enrollment in the mix of the casino floor using mobile devices to enroll new players

Quickly enroll players into the player’s club from anywhere on the casino floor with EnrollMix. With EnrollMix floor attendants can use an iOS device to enroll players by scanning their ID or manually entering the player’s information. Communication with Oasis ensures new unique enrollment records are created by running a check for duplicate records at the time of enrollment. EnrollMix’s Age Verification allows casino staff to scan state-issued ID to quickly verify compliance with state gaming laws. Another exciting new feature allows you to use temp cards for players to engage in carded play immediately upon entering your casino. Players will appreciate the ability to start racking up points without leaving their lucky seat!

Automatic Enrollment into Local and Enterprise Databases
  • Player convenience of carded play at any enterprise property after initial enrollment
Mobile Tool for Player Enrollment and PIN Resets
  • Increased Player Convenience
  • Increased Enrollment Efficiency Enhanced Customer Service
  • Capture an image of ID through the app and eliminate the need for the player to visit club desk to comply with local laws
The System Performs Dup Checks Using a Multi-Criteria Verification Process
  • Ensure unique records when enrolling
  • Eliminate conflicting records
Issue Temp Cards for Immediate Carded Play
  • Players can begin carded play upon entering the casino
  • Carded play is easily transferred to the player’s account within the app

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