Floor Focus

Decipher, diagnose and resolve issues fast with FloorFocus

FloorFocus is the Oasis 360 mobile slot dispatch solution that notifies floor attendants and slot technicians, in real-time, when an EGM is in need of immediate service. Tilt messages, jackpot hits and maintenance issues all trigger instant alerts to floor operations. View open slot events through a map representation of the casino floor or through a list view while walking the casino floor. Reduce diagnostic time and slot down time by creating rules that assign slot events to attendants based on their expertise. FloorFocus allows attendants to document machine fixes with pictures, text notes and audio memos within the app. Overall, FloorFocus delivers actionable reporting that increases efficiencies and helps you keep your floor going for maximum slot performance. Features that are coming this year include: enhanced map functionality, easy role assignment to selected zones, enhanced zone functionality, create rules based on criteria such as time elapsed, player card status, task types and severity change.

Mobile Slot Dispatch through Apple Devices  
  • Eliminates the typical central dispatch center
  • Decreases response time
Track & Report on Various Criteria  
  • Manage underperforming personnel
  • Reward outperforming personnel
  • Receive actionable reports to maximize efficiencies
Real-time Alert Notifications  
  • Troubleshoot the highest impact issues first 
  • Increase guest satisfaction
  • Reduce revenue lost from downed machines
  • Reduce downtime from taxable jackpots

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