Reel Clear

Enforce social distancing automatically, allowing the players to choose which game to play

Give the power of choice to your players. IN THE CLEAR introduces Reel Clear. This solution uses a combination of customer awareness messaging, automatic “Social Distancing” slot machine modes, and integration to mobile channels to create a safer casino environment. Customers can trust the machine they are playing has been cleaned and prepared by viewing the IN THE CLEAR stopwatch on the nCompass. If the stopwatch is not to their liking, customers can request cleaning on-demand before starting the game session. Customers can confidently visit their favorite casino by checking the casino’s website or social sites to see how many machines are available for play versus total occupancy. Reel Clear enables our clients to keep their floors safer and clearly communicate their protocols to their customers.

Effective Messaging
  • Bold messaging at the nCompass to avoid confusion and instills confidence in cleanliness of floor
  • Overhead signage clearly communicates occupancy levels and social distancing practices
System Automated
  • Utilize the entire floor, players choose machine and adjacent machines will be placed in social distancing mode not allowing play automatically
  • Employees will be notified when games are placed in quarantine mode and requiring cleaning on mobile device
No Hardware Installation
  • Avoid purchasing and installation of unsightly dividers 
  • No additional slot hardware is required
  • Simple card swipe of employee puts game back in play 

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