B2B Social Gaming

Keep your customers connected with a freemium social gaming offering

Aristocrat is a thought leader of digital solutions supported by great successes in the B2C digital gaming space. B2B Social Casino offers casino operators a mobile gaming platform to keep your brand on the forefront of their customer's entertainment experiences. The solution enables our clients to directly provide a freemium social game offering to their customers with the ability to purchase virtual coins to unlock games and features. There is a strong integration layer that allows the B2B Social gaming platform to integrate with any casino management system, making this completely agnostic.

Guest Engagement 
  • Extend your brand and stay connected with guests on and off the property
  • Extend offers through integration with your loyalty program
  • Responsibly play your preferred slot content while online or off property
Revenue Diversification
  • Generate revenue through video games 
  • Offer customers exciting opportunities to unlock their favorite games or features
Digital Customer Experience 
  • Freemium digital experience with a selection of games that drive excitement
  • Digital features that bring players back for exciting seasonal events, new game launches, and coin flash sales

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