Digital Wallet

Fast and simple way players can fund their entertainment experience

As part of the Guest Experience pillar, Aristocrat announces the Digital Wallet. Digital Wallet is a fast and simple way players can fund their entertainment experience. Players add funds to their wallet via online, or on an app. Once the wallet is funded, the player can download credits to the slot by using the Casino Wallet (aka Personal Banker) account interface at the nCompass, or by using the mobile wallet feature through PlayerMax or the casino’s preferred concierge-style app. To implement Digital Wallet, operators can choose an external wallet provider, to manage player transactions from their bank institution to the casino wallet. The Digital Wallet solution gives operators visibility into players’ activity via an expanding set of criteria. 
  • Operators can choose any external wallet provider
  • Players have the option to fund their wallet through their mobile device or web
  • Operators can offer this feature to premier tier levels and set limits on daily and transaction amounts
Clean & Cashless 
  • Fast registration allows players to begin benefitting from a clean and cashless experience
  • Players can opt for a complete clean experience by completing all transactions through PlayerMax on their own device
  • Enables players to easily utilize and store multiple funding methods
  • No more fumbling for cards or waiting in lines; players pay and earn using their mobile device
  • Players will be able to move funds in and out via their own device
  • Operators gain visibility into player's activity, reduce costs, reduces risk, and supports responsible gaming

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