Oasis 360 Core + Oasis Loyalty

Slot Audit


The Slot Audit Workshop is designed to increase student knowledge of the role of the Slot Revenue Auditor and Auditing Supervisor in the casino environment. During class, students will have the opportunity to participate in hands-on exercises with live data as they relate to the daily practices of slot auditing in BlackBart™. This interactive course is designed for casino personnel who would like to gain a better understanding of casino audit practices, and for those who deal with auditing and accounting regularly in their roles.


The Introduction to Oasis 360™ online course is recommended.

Class Content

Class topics include an introduction to BlackBart, the drop and the count room, slot audit concepts, Administrator™ for Oasis 360 configurations, performing an audit, and analyzing variance reports. In addition, a review of the daily audit processes, explanation of Meter Comparison, Multi-Game Accounting, machine moves, and BlackBart’s interactions with Oasis 360 are also discussed.

What to Expect

Students will gain hands-on experience with BlackBart and its related Oasis 360 applications. Expect to gain expertise on conducting a daily revenue audit, navigating through BlackBart, explaining the data found in the application, and running a variety of reports. Come ready to participate and engage, as you enhance your knowledge on the core accounting application in Oasis 360.