Pit Operations


The Pit Operations Workshop covering both Pit and Cage Management is designed for students to gain an understanding the roles of Pit, Cage, Soft Count, and Audit personnel in the casino environment. Students will have the opportunity to apply their new knowledge and skills gained through hands-on exercises with real-time data as they relate to the daily practices of the Pit, Cage, Soft Count, and Audit operations.


The Introduction to Oasis 360™ online course is recommended.

Class Content

Students will learn how to set up the Super-PlayMate™ parameters that support Pit operations in Administrator™, define pit locations and types, and further define relationships in PitBOSS™. Understanding the Player Notebook, the relevance of button functions, and relationship to pit/cage activities, pit operations, and markers will also be covered during the class sessions. Discover and explore Cage, Credit, and Soft Count Operations, as well as PitBOSS Audit procedures, and Trackit.

What to Expect

This is an interactive class on Pit and Cage management, with hands-on activities and exercises. Come ready to participate and engage, as you enhance your knowledge on the Gaming pit management applications in Oasis 360.