Positive Play is for everyone.Let our experts be your guide!

Hey there, I’m Max!

Positive Play simply means being able to maximize your enjoyment every time you play slots.

I’m Max, too!

We’re here to get you started on being a Positive Player. Try these Maxisms out before you step onto the casino floor.

Maxism #1: Playing slots is about enjoyment, not strategy.

If you want to prove how good or skillful you are, there are other ways and avenues to do so (like sports, competitions, or finally beating your sister at board game night).

There is no secret or strategy to winning at slots. These are games of chance and are designed purely to deliver a great entertainment experience for adults who enjoy it.

Maxism #2: Positive Play involves planning.

Just like you don’t put on too much perfume or watch 10 seasons of a sitcom in one sitting, playing slots is best enjoyed in moderation.

This means setting a limit with your budget and time, and sticking to it. You can set an alarm on your phone or have a friend call you to remind you of your stop time. You can also leave your credit cards at home and play with a fixed amount of cash only.

Maxism #3: Enjoyment is all around you!

More often than not, slot games are situated in places that offer many forms of entertainment. Have you seen or tried them yet?

Gaming is fun, and it’s not the only fun thing. Take a break, have a snack, or walk around to see other attractions and sights nearby.

The Positive Playbook

We believe that a Positive Play experience means knowing how slot games work. Here are some nuggets of information to make you a Positive Play expert like us!

  • Every time you spin, the symbols that come up are random. The same goes for the next spin, and every spin.
  • The more lines you choose to play, the more credits you need to spend. The larger the amount bet per line you choose, the more credits you need to spend.
  • Wins are never guaranteed, and even if you do win, your winnings may be less than your original bet.
  • The odds of winning a jackpot vary for different games; but generally, the larger the jackpot prize, the smaller the chance will be to win it.
  • Sounds and visuals in a slot game are there to enhance your entertainment and to signify what is happening onscreen in real time, and should not be interpreted as foreshadowing that you will win or lose.
  • Ever wondered what Return-to-Payer (RTP) percentage is? This is the average return to all players over every possible game outcome. The possible return on your bet as a player will be just one of millions or billions of outcomes over the course of the slot game’s entire life, not on the bets you make over a limited amount of time.


Let us help you bust some myths surrounding gaming, so that you become more perceptive when it comes to Positive Play.

“If I press the buttons a certain way or number of times, am I more likely to win?”

This is a myth. No external factors have any effect whatsoever on whether players win or lose on a gaming machine.

“I’m not guaranteed a win just because the machine has not had a big payout over a long period of time.”

This is true. No external factors – like how many times a machine has been played before or since your turn – have any effect whatsoever on whether players win or lose on a gaming machine.

“Will I get a big payout if I wear my lucky scrunchie or bring my fortune totem?”

This is a myth. You can wear or have items that bring you joy, but remember that external factors like these do not have any effect whatsoever on whether players win or lose on a gaming machine.

“I shouldn’t play on an empty stomach/in a bad mood/if I’m not having fun anymore.”

This is true. Stop playing when you’re starting to feel upset, tired, hungry, or other negative emotions. It would help if you set a time limit to take a break or finish playing, to avoid getting into these situations.

“I can always win my money back, right?”

This is a myth. Don’t bet more than you can afford to lose.

Being aware of potential problem behaviors associated with gaming is a first step towards being a responsible gamer. Know when and how to seek help if you need to.


This page is part of Aristocrat’s Responsible Gaming efforts. Look for the KNOW YOUR MAX seal of Positive Play – we’ll be around to offer tips on maximizing your fun whenever you play!