Grab your mask and let the good times roll for a night of wild fun. 777 Bourbon Street Festival™ raises your chance of winning big by increasing your bets from 3 coins to 5 and 10 coins! Unlock the Bonus wheel and spin for a chance to earn extra credits, free games, and 3 tiers of jackpots!

WHERE TO PLAY 777 Bourbon Street Festival

Game Features

  • Bonus Wheel Functionality

    Activate the bonus wheel on a bet of 5 or 10 coins. Once active, the Bonus Wheel may randomly spin during normal gameplay, with a chance to reward on-screen credit amounts or the Mini, Minor, or Major jackpots

  • Random Free Spins

    Randomly, the Wheel may include an additional spin. All spins will be tallied and awarded to the player

  • Red Screen Free Spins

    Players can bet up for more Red Spin Action

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