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The Tiger Gets a Boost Like Never Before

Play with the big cats on Fu Dai Lian Lian: Boost Tiger. This action-packed game features gold coins, and filling three separate bags brimming with jackpots. Grow the reels high with the Prosperity Boost. Collect letters and gold coins in the Jackpot Boost, and get plenty of Free Games and multipliers in the Longevity Boost. It's the powerful tiger taken to the next level of entertainment.


Bonus Highlights

Game Features

  • Prosperity Boost

    Free Games with mystery Wilds

  • Longevity Boost

    Free Games with multipliers. Coins award additional free games or credit prizes

  • Jackpot Boost Feature

    Collect Letters in the jackpot name to win that jackpot. Each Gold Coin may become a double Gold Coin for two prize wins

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