Fun new features and faces

Have fun with your favorites’ new look

Emoji All-Stars™ turns player- favorite characters like Buffalo and Timber Wolf into adorable Emojis. Bonus Meter shows you what you need to get and lets you get ready for your next major win. For players who want to dive right into the action, Emoji All-Stars offers you the ability to enter immediately into a bonus through the exciting Instant Feature. Words hardly capture the experience of Emoji All-Stars!

WHERE TO PLAY Emoji All Stars

Bonus Highlights

Game Features


    Available per operator configuration to allow the player to pay a higher premium to automatically trigger the Hold & Spin feature


    Metamorphically triggered by any landed Cash-on-Reel (Heart) symbol. During the feature players may land standard Cash-on-Reel or special Emoji symbols to earn additional bonuses like boosted values or reel growth


    Triggered by three Scatter (Joy Emoji) symbols, player is awarded free games with a choose your volatility feature that allows players to pick how many of a particular symbol are added to the bonus reels in the feature. Players may retrigger or win a Hold & Spin during the feature

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