Utilize our BI tool to transform your data into actionable insights, featuring interactive dashboards and customizable reporting.  Empower your staff to build custom reports and dashboards using multiple metrics through drag and drop or double click functionality. Choose how to display your reports using various data visualization tools such as graphs, charts, tables and maps using nVision communicates directly through user friendly interface, eliminating the need for dedicated coding. Revolutionize your reporting build process with nVision.

Drag and drop or double click metrics to create customized reports 
Hundreds of “canned” reports tailored to operator’s needs
Reports run in a fraction of the time required for Excel or Crystal Reports

Visualization tools
Reports built by casino marketers
Spot patterns and trends to analyze and help predict customer into the behavior

Searchable Data Dictionary of the entire EDW
Uses a once only daily ETL to extract data into the warehouse for reporting 
Data is stored in data warehouse to allow reporting during gaming hours without lag to casino floor

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