Digital Wallet

Digital Wallet provides guests a fast and simple way to enjoy their cashless entertainment experience. Guests simply download an app, verify their identity in a few easy steps, and add funds to their Digital Wallet. Once the Wallet is funded, guests can download credits to the EGM or Table Game by using the Digital Wallet feature through PlayerMax or the casino's preferred concierge-style app and enable a primarily touchless gaming experience. |

To implement Digital Wallet, operators can choose an external Funds Provider of their choice to manage guest transactions from their bank institution to the Digital Wallet. By offering guests attractive award and rewards, operators can incentivize use and gain a better understanding and insight into the gaming spend behavior of their guests inside the casinos.

Transfer of funds between different sites within the enterprise, streamlining the player experience

Transforming the gaming experience  and reducing the need for physical cash

Entry into games and enhanced security, makes the gambling experience more convenient and enjoyable for players
Hassle-free deposits, providing users with maximum convenience and control over their gaming experience

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