PlayerMax empowers operators to captivate guests, creating excitement  and seamless engagement  anytime, anywhere. 

Elevate the company’s brand through modern, connected,  and engaging app design that enriches the user experience, fostering greater adoption, connection, and engagement. 

Captivate guests with all the entertainment  options that await their visit by showcasing the enterprise properties, amenities, games and events.
Motivate guests to join the loyalty program through self-enrollment and begin earning various forms of rewards.  Heighten the loyalty program’s advantages through real-time balances display and unlocking of exclusive tier benefits as they move up the program’s tier levels. 

Amplify the experience with personalized offers and promotions that entices and broadens the customer's journey. Turn guest communications and notifications into a potential call to action or drive property visits. 

Enjoy the convenience of cardless game connection using the digital club card and effortlessly fund play through digital wallet or free-plays.
Excite guests with social and online games, and mobile app challenges where they can earn rewards.

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