Aristocrat Games Workshop


The Aristocrat Games Workshop is designed to familiarize slot technicians with the initial configuration of video and stepper slot machines. This class will familiarize the students with the platform, conversion processes, and troubleshooting techniques used with Aristocrat games.

Class Content 

Introduction to slot machines, identification of internal and external components, cabinet types, removal and replacement of components from the slot machine, mainboards, software, set-up menus, set-chipping a slot machine, game conversions, and troubleshooting. Students will gain hands-on experience with all types of conversions including game theme, denomination, and par percentage.

What to Expect

In this hands-on class, students will break down and reassemble video and stepper slot machines. They will also examine the hardware components and operator menus. Come ready to participate and engage, as you enhance your knowledge on Aristocrat games.