Oasis 360 Core

Marketing Workshop


This class teaches the basics of the operations and setup of a Players Club using the Oasis 360™ Core Marketing applications. Students will learn how to manage and analyze player account data, as well as gain insight into global configurations, player groups, and running promotions and events.


The Introduction to Oasis 360 online course is recommended.

Class Content

Learn about global configurations in Administrator™, the Positions notebook, Super-PlayMate™ options, player management, inventory and interest administration, Tiered Rankings, Tiered Rewards, Accounts and Transactions processing, and PersonalBanker™. Bonus Points™, Marketing Manager™, and other Oasis 360 modules are utilized in this hands-on, activity-based class.

What to Expect

This class offers hands-on experience with the Core Oasis 360 Marketing modules and supporting applications. It is activity-based and interactive, incorporating exercises throughout to apply the knowledge learned during the class. Come ready to participate and engage, as you enhance your knowledge on the core Marketing applications in Oasis 360.