Oasis 360 Core + Oasis Loyalty

Floor Operations


The Floor Operations Workshop covers the Oasis v12 applications used by the Slot Department, Surveillance, and Count Room teams. Students will learn how to navigate the Oasis 360™ applications to manage a slot floor, as well as investigate and troubleshoot transactions and gaming activity. This interactive session includes hands-on exercises utilizing Jackpot/Fill™, Quickets™, Quick Funds™, Surveillance Monitor™, Diagnostic Monitor™, OmniVIEW™, FloorLogix™, and Count Interface™.


The Introduction to Oasis 360 online course is recommended.

What to Expect

Students will gain knowledge on each of the Floor Operations applications in Oasis 360, as well as learn tips and techniques each department in the casino can utilize to understand activity on the slot floor, and to optimize operational effectiveness. Come ready to participate and engage, as you enhance your knowledge on the Gaming floor management applications in Oasis 360.